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Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board Approves New VRE and WMATA Funding Policies (Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation)

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Coast Guard

Safety Zone; Southern Command Dive Operation, Gulf of Mexico, Key West, FL

65323-65325 [2023-20461] PDF TXT

Safety Zone; 26th Annual Key West Paddle Classic, Atlantic Ocean, Key West, FL

65325-65327 [2023-20494] PDF TXT

Security Zone; Patapsco River, Baltimore, MD

65321-65323 [2023-20562] PDF TXT

Special Local Regulation; Swim the Loop and Motts Channel Sprint; Wrightsville Beach, NC

65320-65321 [2023-20566] PDF TXT
Federal Aviation Administration

Airport Investment Partnership Program

65422-65423 [2023-20597] PDF TXT

Agency Information Collection Activities: Requests for Comments; Clearance of a Renewed Approval of Information Collection: Advanced Qualification Program (AQP)

65423 [2023-20543] PDF TXT
Proposed Rules

Airworthiness Directives; Airbus SAS Airplanes

65328-65330 [2023-20407] PDF TXT

Extension of the Prohibition Against Certain Flights in the Sanaa Flight Information Region (FIR) (OYSC)

65319-65320 [2023-20530] PDF TXT

Amendment of VOR Federal Airway V-36 and Establishment of RNAV Route T-675; Northcentral United States

65311-65313 [2023-20449] PDF TXT

Revocation of VOR Federal Airway V-456 and Mankato, MN, Low Altitude Reporting Point; Mankato, MN

65313-65314 [2023-20448] PDF TXT

Establishment of Area Navigation (RNAV) Routes T-469 and T-472; Southwest United States

65314-65315 [2023-20450] PDF TXT

Amendment of VOR Federal Airways V-469 and V-501, and Revocation of VOR Federal Airway V-474 in the Vicinity of St. Thomas, PA

65315-65317 [2023-20446] PDF TXT

Amendment of VOR Federal Airways V-10 and V-210 in the Vicinity of Revloc, PA

65317-65318 [2023-20447] PDF TXT

Airworthiness Directives; The Boeing Company Airplanes

65305-65308 [2023-20503] PDF TXT

Airworthiness Directives; Aircraft Industries, a.s. Airplanes

65308-65311 [2023-20554] PDF TXT
Maritime Administration

Aquaculture Support Operations Waiver Request for the Vessels Colby Perce, Ronja Carrier, Sadie Jane, Miss Mildred 1, KC Commander

65423-65424 [2023-20563] PDF TXT
Surface Transportation Board

60-Day Notice of Intent To Seek Extension of Approval of Collection: Demurrage Liability Disclosure Requirements

65419-65421 [2023-20552] PDF TXT

60-Day Notice of Intent To Seek Extension of Approval of Collection: Waybill Sample

65421-65422 [2023-20553] PDF TXT