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The Delaware Department of Transportation's Environmental Studies Department has posted new Cultural Resource projects as of 08/01/2020. Please click on the link below to view the most recent additions.

Website Reports Content Disclaimer:
DelDOT has edited the cultural resource documents on this website. The documents were edited to protect the location of archaeological sites, any culturally sensitive material, and all State Historic Preservation Office cultural resource forms. Section 304 of the National Historic Preservation Act, as amended in 1992, 36 CFR part 800.11 of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation's "Protection of Historic Properties", Section 9(a) of the Archaeological Resource Protection Act, and Delaware's Archaeological Resources in the State (7Del. C. Ch.53) provide the legal authority for restricting access to information on the location and nature of archaeological resources. To obtain permission to receive the edited information from a document, please email Kyle Edwards, DelDOT Archaeologist, at who will request permission from the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs.